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New England Security EXPO 2024 May 9, 2024

The "It" Dynamic; Owning Your Presence
12:00pm – 1:00pm: Tim Wenzel, CPP & Lee Oughton, CSMP

Everyone’s presence changes every space in which we walk or log into. It’s important that we become attuned to our presence. Whether you’re an industry leader or fresh out of school, this skill is a relationship maker or breaker. 

Many believe we should always project strength and competency… but what happens when that type of presence actually inhibits your ideal outcome? Have you ever been so excited for a meeting or event that you sucked the oxygen and energy from the room? Have you ever been shocked by a turn of events, put on the spot in front of others, only to wish later that you had reacted completely differently?

Owning Your Presence explores how you impact each space and situation you enter. Tim Wenzel & Lee Oughton will discuss and illustrate various scenarios commonly experienced in life and business to understand the relationship between how we choose to show up and our ideal outcomes. They will help you understand the essential components of “you” so that you don’t have to compromise who you are, while reducing anxiety and creating an inspiring confidence which draws others.

Speaker: Tim Wenzel, CPP

Tim Wenzel, the Creator of The Kindness Games and Associate Managing Director of Enterprise Security Risk Management at Kroll, is a global security executive, public speaker and thought leader in the security, leadership, and wellness industries. Tim is a highly regarded Coach & Mentor.  He has a passion to help transform the existing paradigms of leadership and risk management while building highly effective teams and joyful environments for them to thrive within.

In 2023, Tim co-authored the book entitled: The Kindness Games: How a Single Post Changed our Mindset about Community. In 2022, Tim was named a Global Influencer & Thought Leader in the Security Industry by IFSEC International. He is leadership columnist with the Security Journal Americas magazine and a sought-after SME in Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM). He helped lead the effort to codify it as the official risk doctrine within ASIS International as the Outreach & Education Lead on the ESRM Steering Committee, from 2017 - 2021.  

Speaker: Lee Oughton, CSMP

Lee Oughton is a distinguished Security, Risk, and Crisis Management Leader, currently serving as the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) at SPS headquartered in Hereford, UK. He is also the Co-Founder of the Kindness Games, a movement aimed at promoting kindness and positivity within corporate cultures.

An accomplished public speaker, Lee recently authored “The Kindness Games” a No.1 Top New Release in social media for Business on Amazon. Additionally, he contributes as a Board Member at ZFIS and The Relentless Revival Safe Haven in Woodlands, Texas. With a successful career in security and risk management, Lee has worked extensively in high-risk environments across the Middle East, UK, Europe, United States, ASIA PAC, and LATAM.

For the past seven years, he has resided in Queretaro, Mexico, gaining recognition as an expert on issues related to Organized Crime, and his insights have been featured by notable organizations such as Fox News, The New York Times, Univision, and InsightCrime.org. Lee’s diverse background and commitment to both corporate leadership and humanitarian causes recognizes him as a notable figure in his field

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